The Patients Are Waiting

Twin Spires Consulting works closely with companies to support the development and commercialization of innovative treatment options patients deserve.

Our services deliver customized commercial solutions to support US and European emerging biopharma companies.

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We help companies by providing:

Our services focus on delivering key milestones to our clients by:

Overcoming Strategic Roadblocks

- Review data to sharpen insights & priorities
- Connect plan to insights
- Collect missing information

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Operational Excellence

- Externalized Senior Contributor
- Work side by side with team
- Commercial mindset early in the product lifecycle

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Operations in / outside USA

- International experience
- International contacts
- Planning for 1st clinical site Ex-USA

Laurence Dean

Laurence Dean

CEO + Founder

I started this company to help patients in need. My motivation is bringing to market the treatment options that will give patients the treatments they deserve. My 20+ years of experience with international commercial leadership in the Bio Pharma industry includes US General Manager, Country Manager in France and VP global Marketing. Over the years I have developed a working knowledge of both strategy development and operational excellence . I acquired a well-rounded experience with Rare Disease products in competitive environments. My skills include planning product launch and maintaining growth of maturing brands. My cross functional experience includes Sales Management, Marketing, Market Research, Project Management and Finance.

“There is so much more to be done, the patients are waiting” -Dr Paul Janssen

Bringing to market treatment options to patients in need is what motivates me every day to show up at the top of my game.

Upcoming Appearance

World Orphan Drug Congress: May 23-25

In Collaboration

The USA is a vibrant ecosystem developing medicines for rare disease
Europe is the second largest market for orphan drugs: more than 30 million European people are living with a rare disease.
Connecting the two to bring new treatments to the European patients is inspiring and an important financial milestone
Creating business connections, partnerships collaborations across cultures and various business regulation is challenging
Twin Spire consulting can support a successful expansion to Europe pre and post approval by closely collaborating with the Experts at BlueDiI International.
This work can involve supporting a CRO with a representation on the ground, acting as externalize affiliates, supporting the creation of first affiliates or supporting an existing structure to expand in new territories or new disease states.
Review and pressure testing business plans for the management team, Board of Directors and Investors